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Carbide Plus Wear Products

Wear Products

Bucyrus Blades'”‘ Carbide Plus embedded products can greatly increase wear life of ground engaging tools, in highly abrasive, low impact conditions.

Crushed tungsten carbide is embedded into high wear areas of ground engaging tools. 40% of the carbide particles are embedded into the parent metal ensuring maximum resistance against sliding abrasion wear. Bucyrus Blades carbide technology employs continuous carbide passes of up to 4 inches in width, reducing heat-affected areas that can cause chipping and breakage.

The engineers at Bucyrus Blades design each carbide pattern to provide a Wear Protective Shield, designed to enhance performance and longevity of your ground engaging tools.

The Carbide Plus Product Advantage

  • Can extend wear life 3-7 times over standard OEM offering in recommended applications
  • Reduces change outs
  • Increases machine up time