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Q: How do we get these parts?
We can deliver parts via our truck when it is in your area at no extra charge. If you are outside our travel area or you need the parts before we are going your way, we would be glad to ship them F.O.B. our yard.

Q: If I don’t know the part number can I still order a cutting edge?
Yes, all we usually need is the make and model of the machine, the length of each section of blade, and the number of holes. We can find the part number from that.

Q: Do you make custom blades?
Yes we do. You can fax us a drawing or blueprint of the desired design a 705-657-2682, or we can make a drawing for you.

Q: If I don’t know what teeth are on my machine, will you know which I should order?
Yes. We can determine the make of teeth you need with a few questions. Look at your tooth and see how it is pinned on. (From the top or from the side etc.) A few measurements may be necessary. Sometimes we may need to see an old tooth so it can be identified.

Q: Is there a way to stop teeth from coming off?
There are a few ways you can fix this problem. Keep in mind that your bucket teeth are made to come off but because of the wear to the adapter the fit can get loose and allow the tooth to come off.

  1. You can build up the adapter or shank nose with weld so there is pressure back on the pin. To help with fit paint or chalk the inside of tooth so you can tell were it needs to be built up or ground down.
  2. You can use liquid metal or crusher adhesive. First you need to clean the adapter nose so it is free of oil, grease etc. Then put liquid metal of adhesive into a greased or oiled tooth (the oil stops the metal from bonding to the tooth) Also grease the pin and let it set. This builds up the adapter without welding. Depending on what product you use you may need to redo this each time you change your teeth.
  3. If an adapter is too far-gone it will need to be replaced.