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Grader Components

Cutting Edges

Complete line of curved double bevel (CDB) cutting edges for every make and model
CDB sizes range from 1/2″ x 6″ for light grading up to our heavy-duty 1″ x 8″ CDB section for greater wear life
Full line of regular and overlay end bits
Surface hardened grader cutting edges with surface hardness up to 62 RC, provides maximum wear resistance
Recommended for low impact conditions
XHD flat grader blades are available in sizes 3/4″ x 8″ through 3″ x 13″ FDB
Select serrated grader blades when working in frozen or hard packed ground conditions

End Bits

End bits and overlay end bits help protect the moldboard, while extending the life of cutting edges.
End bits are available in standard and heavy-duty.

Scarifier Shanks and Tips

Drop-forged, triple alloy steel shanks fit precisely… providing maximum strength and resistance to shock
Tips are made of Bucyrus Blades'”‘ A90 alloy, offering maximum wear and economic value
Tips available in rectangular and oval slot design

Conical Carbide Tip Blades

These teeth tool holder blades and perfect for your graders. They are made to fit with rotating and non-rotating tips. Its construction ensures the blades’ durability and allows the carbide tips to work efficiently.

Made of 1020 steel, each blade is machined with a high precision CNC machine. They are available in three different lengths that fit most graders. Custom blades are available upon request. Sold with our without wear plates. Available in standard and HD versions.

RoadMaxx™ Underbody Blade System

A RoadMaxx™ System has a high quality carbide insert blade with a tough carbide matrix face protecting carbideinserts from washout, and the lower front blade face from erosion. Universal CurbRunner® Guardsare included toprotect blade and plow ends from damage. They have embedded carbide matrix at point of impact. The blade is available in 3 ft. and 4 ft. sections for easy assembly. It is an engineered system that will greatly extend wear life in snowplowing or earth moving applications.

Winter Equipment Roadmaxx PDF