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Field experience has proven that specific end-use applications require job-engineered products. Therefore, Bucyrus Blades begins with an engineering analysis to make certain the steel formula for each specific application has the proper combination of qualities. Each steel provides balanced metallurgical characteristics to best resist wear and breakage.

ForgeTemp° Steel

ForgeTemp steel is designed for high abrasion, low impact conditions. This high carbon steel alloy provides a balance between wear resistance and impact breakage. The steel is specially prepared in the mill to create the highest forging quality steel. ForgeTemp products are available in OEM standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, and Magnum’ designs.

MaxTemp® Steel

MaxTemp steel is a heat-treated, through¬hardened steel that delivers maximum protection against breakage in the toughest high-impact applications. Designed for the most demanding jobs, all MaxTemp products are guaranteed against impact breakage. MaxTemp products are available in OEM standard, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty designs.

Special Application MaxTemp Steel

Special Application MaxTemp is a heat¬treated alloy developed specifically for heavy¬duty loader and excavator applications. Impact resistant, wear resistant, and easy to weld, Special Application MaxTemp steel is uniquely suited to handle the punishment large production machines dish out. Special Application MaxTemp steel is available for weld-in straight, spade, and modified vee moldboards.

Carbide PlusT11 Steel

Bucyrus Blades” Carbide Plus embedded wear products, offer a significant increase in wear life over conventional steel products. Designed for low impact, high abrasive conditions, Bucyrus Blades Carbide Plus products are guaranteed to offer cost effective service in factory recommended applications.