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Snowplow Components

Snowplow Parts

We can supply you with all your ground engaging snowplow parts and hardware.

  • Carbides, wings blades and backer blades
  • Heavy duty Ni-Hard block wings and plow blades
  • Plow noses, main shoes, wing shoes and plow shoes in a verity of styles
  • Shoe holders and adjusting bars
  • Rubber snowplow blades

Winter Equipment PlowGuards®.

The Snowplow Blade Protection System That Increases Blade Life Up to 400%

What Makes Them So Effective?

Winter’s patented design and innovative manufacturing. A 6 lb. layer of unique, carbide matrix weld deposit fused to the bottom edge of heavy steel plate, making them extremely strong and durable. And, guaranteed not to break.

Now, more and more states, counties and cities are seeing firsthand the significant impact Winter PlowGuards and CurbGuards have made on their productivity and maintenance costs. And, they’re using these tested and approved products on all their snowplowing equipment – from heavy-duty trucks clearing stretches of highway to lighter-duty vehicles for use on smaller streets and parking lots.

Because when the snow hits, the last thing you need are your trucks stuck in the garage. So make Winter PlowGuards and CurbGuards part of your standard equipment.

Plow Guard Xtendor

The same technology that has revolutionized the highway and municipality snow removal industry, by increasing blade life up to 400%, is now available to fit smaller applications.

The PlowGuard-Xtendor is Winter’s patented design, featuring a unique carbide matrix wear edge on both the bottom and blade end. Both edges add extreme strength which reduces blade wear and blade changes drastically.

So, call today to equip your light-duty trucks with the PlowGuard-Xtendor
before the snow flies.

Plow Guard Marker

BlockBuster Ultimate Carbide System

The BlockBuster® System is the ultimate in heavy-duty snowplow blade systems. There’s nothing tougher on the market. It’s engineered to resist damage and extend wear life as much as 400% in the harshest snowplowing environments. The BlockBuster® System’s wide footprint gives it a less aggressive cut, allowin it to plow smoothly over rougher road conditions without problems. With the carbideinsert blade, steel cover plate and cast steel wear blocks welded into 3 ft. and 4 ft. solid units, there are less parts to assemble.

Info Sheet – Winter BlockBuster

RAZOR XL Carbide System

The RAZOR XL cutting edge system contains the HammerHead carbide inserts and steel wear bars with Winter Carbide Matrix that increases the amount of carbide by 400% over traditional carbide setup.

Info Sheet – Winter Razor XL

RoadMaxx™ Underbody Blade System

A RoadMaxx™ System has a high quality carbide insert blade with a tough carbide matrix face protecting carbideinserts from washout, and the lower front blade face from erosion. Universal CurbRunner® Guardsare included toprotect blade and plow ends from damage. They have embedded carbide matrix at point of impact. The blade is available in 3 ft. and 4 ft. sections for easy assembly. It is an engineered system that will greatly extend wear life in snowplowing or earth moving applications.

Info Sheet – Winter Roadmaxx

Blockbuster Victory System

BlockBuster VICTORY Systems are engineered with a wide footprint consisting of cast steel wear blocks with embedded Winter Carbide Matrix wear pads welded together as one unit with a tough boron steel snowplow blade sections of 3ft. and 4ft. lengths. Eacy VICTORY system includes CurbRunner Plowguards with Winter Carbide Matrix protecting the blade ends and bottom edge from damage and extend its wear life. VICTORY Plow Blade Systems are designed to eliminate costly blade changes.

Info Sheet – Winter Victory

Winter Patriot™ Blade System

The Winter® Patriot™ Blade System is constructed with high-strength American steel to form serrated steel blades that cut through hard-packed snow and ice like a carbide blade, without causing unnecessary road damage to your municipal streets.

The serrated steel blades are strengthened by a Winter® Carbide Matrix™ Wear Bar, welded to the entire back bottom edge of the self-sharpening steel blade, and a Winter® PlowGuard to protect the entire length of the blade—reducing the number of blade changes your crew needs to make.

Info Sheet – Winter Patriot

Nordik Move Plow Blade

The Nordik Move Plow Blade is a carbide and rubber blade system, that is removable in sections and designed for higher efficiency. It is suitable for all makes and models of snow plows and also reduces salt consumption by more than 30%. This patented system conforms to the shape of the road surface and provides greater comfort for the operator by reducing vibrations and noise. The rubber is resistant to temperatures as low as -57ºC (-70ºF)

Nordik Move Brochure