White’s Wearparts Ltd. is your one stop shop

for top of the line construction, drilling, ground engaging, and mining wearparts for any OEM machine. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, we carefully select only the finest of products from trusted manufacturers who have a well-known reputation for high quality, long lasting and cost-efficient parts.

Locally owned and operated for nearly 25 years, White’s Wearparts Ltd. help independent owner/operators, large construction companies, municipalities, and everyone in between find just the right parts to do whatever the job call for. Whether it be a simple scraper component or a complex bucket we’ll know which direction to point you in. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable staff can make your experience with us a seamless one from start to finish and have you back making progress on the job in no time.

Snow Plow Components

When the time comes to do a rough and tough job this winter, you can count on our solid and durable snowplow products.

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Dozer Wear Parts & Accessories

We carry edges and bits for all makes and models of dozers, from small utility class up to and including the latest mining series.

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Drilling & Auger Parts

We offer a full line of brand name drilling and auger products, as well as our own quality made parts. We have it all, from boxes to pilot bits.

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A trusted leader in the wear parts industry

When dealing with heavy equipment on a daily basis you don’t want to leave the parts you use to chance. With over 35 years of combined experience under one roof White’s Wearparts Ltd. is a trusted authority in the wear parts world, servicing clients across the better part of Ontario as well as across Canada…read more

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