Each alloy steel provides balanced metallurgical characteristics to best resist wear and breakage.


Experience in the work field has proven that specific end-use applications require proper job-engineered products. Therefore, our manufacturer Bucyrus Blades begins with an engineering analysis to make certain the steel formula they use for each specific application has the proper combination of qualities. Each steel listed below provides balanced metallurgical characteristics to best resist wear and breakage they’re sure to encounter.

Full Lip Assemblies

Bucyrus Blades offers a complete line of weld-in bar stock, both straight and formed for bucket rebuilds, and replacement of worn or cracked edges.

Bucyrus Blades”‘ bar stock is available in the following steel alloys:

ForgeTemp° Steel – Non-heat treated, general purpose applications MaxTemp° Steel – Through-hardened, heat-treated steel for use in high impact, high wear applications.

Special Application MaxTemp° (SAM) Steel – Through-hardened steel for maximum resistance to impact, while minimizing the affects caused by welding

  • Weld-on edges
  • Skid and wear plates
  • Bolt-on edges
  • Side cutters
  • Base edges
  • Corner gussets
  • Segments

Edges for all Makes and Model

Cutting edges and segments available in both Flat DoubleDut” and Flat Double Bevel sections.

Cast DoubleDuty segments are in premium A90 alloy. Available for Cat° 988 and 992 loaders.

Cutting edges and segments are available in Bucyrus Blades DoubleDuty profile. The unique design and digging characteristics of the DoubleDuty section, provides base edge protection, improves penetration, and increases resistance to impact breakage.