Scraper Edges and Bits

Scraper Components

Cutting Edges

  • A scraper cutting edge setup for every make and model
  • Select the job engineered combination most efficient for your needs
  • Standard, heavy-duty, and extra heavy¬duty cutting edges
  • Carbide Plus”‘ edges for longer wear life

3 Reasons why Bucyrus Blades heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty cutting edges are your better buy:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Far outwear standard cutting edges
  • Reduce downtime for changes


  • Chrome nickel drop-forged and fabricated roll-forged routing bits available
  • Offset rib offers protection for bottom edge of scraper bowl
  • Bucyrus Blades quality ensures clean, flat surfaces for easy installation and stable mounting
  • Reinforcing plates, pre-drilled for routing bits, allow for rework of worn side walls


  • For conventional and elevating scrapers
  • Serrated edges are best used in extremely tough digging conditions
  • For maximum efficiency and best cycle times, serrated edges should be run at a shallower depth than non-serrated edges

Why Bucyrus Blades toothed cutting edges are your better buy:

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Self-sharpening
  • Better penetration than conventional drop center arrangement
  • Close set teeth breaks up soil with less resistance
  • Cost per yard of material is reduced
  • Eliminates the need for shanks and tips

Scraper Blade Diagram

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Scraper Cutting Edge

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Scraper Cutting Edge

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