Nordik Move

Nordik Move

Perfectly flat roads don’t exist. That’s one of the reasons why standard blades can’t clean perfectly, they leave snow and ice behind. Nordik MOVE was designed to follow the contour of the road resulting in highly improved plowing effect and reduction of abrasive usage. It’s simple, it works and it fits every plow.

Icon representing part Lifetime

8000-12000km average lifetime

The average life time of the Nordik MOVE is up to 8000 - 12000km

absorbs vibration

Better for operators, machinery and for the roads - absorbed vibration and noise

Follows the contour of the road

Increased cleaning efficiency

Icon representing cost savings

Saves you money and time

Save up to 30% on abrasive and and save on product replacement

One foot replacement sections

The 1 foot sections make the replacement alot faster, easier and economical

3Main Components

  • 1.
    Black Holder Blade Fits every make and type of plow
  • 2.
    Moving Blade Sections Replaceable in 1 foot sections
  • 3.
    Front Blade Protects the moving blades from impacts
Diagram of the Nordik MOVE

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