Snowplow Standard Blades

Standard Blades

Carbide Inserted Plow Blades

The secret is in the carbide and the machining. When you use top quality virgin carbide you improve the blade’s life. These carbide blades are up to six times more durable than steel blades, so stop wasting your time on replacing blades.

The 1020 steel with 3/4″ or 7/8″ thickness is machined by a high prevision CNC machine and welded by induction with a top quality blazing alloy. The blades are then cooled in a controlled environment.

Block Plow / Wing Blades

When the time comes to do a rough and tough job, you can count on solid and durable products. If blade wear becomes an issue, you should consider using one way or wing block blades. Their heavy duty conception allows them to last longer than standard blades.

These blades are made of cast Ni-Hard block welded on a 3/4″ thickness 1020 steel. Each blade is machined with a high precision CNC machine. You simply choose between one way (55 degrees) or wing blade (70 degrees), then select the appropriate length.

Plow / Wing shoes

Over the years, the snow plow industry has come to understand the importance of plow shoes. Just as the foundation of a house holds the whole structure, the shoe holds the plow and this is why it has to be strong and durable.

We are proud to offer 100% Canadian shoes, made of grey casting. Do it right the first time and choose our cast shoes, you won’t be disappointed.



The TXS™ SNOW PLOW BLADE is an oscillating design with tungsten carbide inserts brazed into steel segments and encased in rubber, resulting in extented wear life over that of existing carbide insert blades.

TXS™ SNOW PLOW BLADE, is a direct replacement to the Joma® Blade System

The benefits of the TXS™ SNOW PLOW BLADE are many over a period of time, will reduce operating costs related to winter highway maintenance. When SNOW PLOWING think of the TXS™ OSCILLATING SNOW PLOW BLADE. It will save you time & money.



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