High Impact Breaker Points

Breaker Points


Getting high impact jobs like breaking rock done right the first time is crucial. Our hydraulic breaker tools are guaranteed to out perform and outlast standard tools used in breaking compact rock.

The X-PROFILE® series features a special construction, in both a Pyramidal and Chisel version. These styles provide self-sharpening of the point and a well-balanced wear right through the entire body of the tool. Unlike the standard tool shape, the grooves of the X-PROFILE® allow the crushed particles to travel up the shank thus allowing for constant tool penetration. This eliminates the build up of dust so the tool resists overheating and maintains its strength.


Brunner & Lay manufactures some of the finest tools available in the world today, with over 130 years experience. Below are our Pavement Breaking and Demolition Tool catalogues:

X-Profile Breaker Points

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Breaker Point Working

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