Winter Equipment

Winter® Equipment have led the snow removal industry in innovative wear parts for 29 years. Over that time, Winter® Equipment became the quality standard for public and private sector clients who depend on the best wear parts for their snowplows and other equipment. Our patented blade-saving technologies are engineered to set a new standard of quality in the industry. We settle for nothing less than the highest quality materials and solutions to solve your problems.

Plow Makers

This Winter Equipment Marker springs back, without damage. They are constructed of 3/4” high-impact polymer, reinforced with a 3/8” galvanized steel cable. The Plow Marker set includes: 2 Premium Plow Markers, 4 Hex Bolts and 4 Nylock Nuts.


Winter Equipment’s patented design PlowGuard Straight and Plowguard Curbguards has a 6 lb. layer of unique, carbide matrix weld deposit fused to the bottom edge of heavy steel plate, making them extremely strong and durable. Curbguards has extra carbide matrix protection on the corners.


The same technology as Winter Equipments Plow Guards is also available to fit smaller applications. The Xtendor PlowGuard is Winter Equipments unique design, featuring a Winter Carbide Matrix wear edge on both the bottom and blade end. Both edges add extreme strength which reduces blade wear and blade changes drastically.


A cutting edge system is an engineered blade designed for different snow removal requirements.

Every system takes the hassle out of ordering, storing, and installing cutting edges. Our systems are your ticket to a worry free day at the office. It’s Just that Easy.

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Benefits of ordering a system

  • Unique systems engineered for concrete, asphalt, gravel, and chip seal roads 1
  • All-in-one crate
  • Easy to inventory
  • Reduces loose parts for a safer garage
  • Order it all with one part number
  • Crate includes sectional blades, guards, and hardware
  • Specialized curb protection based on your needs